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  • Bebiji is listed as a must-have brand in 2024 by Le Figaro Madame, France.


Our customers say it best:

  • Good Quality

    Michael.P Purchase Verified

    Super-practical accessory for carrying a young child who is already walking short distances, with less pain in the arms.
    Great value for money!

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  • all clear

    Alexandre.D Verified Review

    Delivery a little long (7 days) but we are delighted with the hipbaby, we use it all the time, both me and my wife, thank you.

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  • Life-changer!

    Amélie.F Purchase Verified

    Life changing! My 6-month-old was starting to put on weight and it was taking its toll on my poor back! I saw this belt, bought it and have absolutely no regrets! It relieves the strain on my back, and the baby's weight is transferred to my pelvis... I can't live without it!

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  • Valuable help

    Alexandra.G Verified Review

    Customer service that listened and guided me well! A real pleasure, thank you Bebiji. A satisfied customer!

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  • Thank you!

    Gloria.F Verified Review

    I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but here I had to. This baby carrier is great. I use it everywhere, at home, on walks, even when I'm cooking. And my back thanks me every time. So if you're still hesitating, don't do it. It's good stuff, really.

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  • Just awesome

    Cécile.P Verified Review

    At first my mother told me about this product and I thought it was just another gadget. In the end, I use it regularly, as do my husband and grandparents, and the little one seems to love being close to us and on the seat.

    I can only recommend

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  • Excellent product

    Jennifer.Q Verified Review

    I look after my 7-month-old son regularly. I bought this baby carrier and I'm thrilled! I no longer feel the baby's weight. He sits quietly on the seat, and frankly it's great! My arm doesn't hurt anymore. Of course you have to keep an arm around him so he doesn't fall out, but you're no longer CARRYing the baby. I'm really delighted with my purchase!

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une femme avec un porte bébé rose

Bebiji - baby carrier

Relieve your physical ailments and carry your child as you wish.

Thanks to the adjustable, padded waist belt, you'll relieve the physical discomfort of long-time carrying.

The baby carrier distributes your child's weight evenly: hips and buttocks are supported, while your upper body is relieved.

une femme souriante portant son bébé avec un porte bébé rose

Bebiji - baby carrier

Cuddle your child anytime, anywhere, in total comfort.

Until a later age, children love to be carried but quickly become heavy for parents.

With its reinforced and non-slip seat, your newborn will be comfortably seated, just like in your arms. The closeness is enhanced, and memories will only be better.

un homme portant son bébé

Bebiji - baby carrier

Carry and drop off your child, safely and hands-free.

Children are known for their boundless energy. Therefore, our Hip Baby baby carrier is designed to allow parents to have hands-free convenience to carry and set down their child at any moment.

It doesn't force the child to be constantly attached to their mom or dad, but allows complete freedom between walking and carrying.

un gros plan sur un porte bébé rose

Bebiji - baby carrier

Carry your child's essentials without the hassle of carrying yet another bag.

With its storage compartments, our Hip Baby baby carrier lets you take all your child's essentials with you, whether you're changing him, entertaining him or giving him a snack.

You can store wipes, bottles, sunglasses, keys or even your cell phone! The various compartments are designed to facilitate transport and travel.


Questions / Answers

Bebiji is a family business with real-life experience of parenthood.We understand the needs of parents, because we are parents, and your baby's safety is our priority.Our products are tested and offer comfort, bonding and practicality for you and your baby, ensuring that every moment together is special.We are determined to offer the best to your family, just as we have done for our own.

With its intuitive design, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions to attach and adjust the HIPBABY Hip Carrier. Adjustable straps and secure fasteners guarantee a safe, comfortable fit for you and your baby.
Simply hoist your child up and sit him/her on the seat provided.
Put your arm around him and enjoy these special moments.

The HIPBABY hip sling is designed for infants and toddlers, generally from 0 to 3 years of age.

HIPBABY is designed with advanced ergonomics to relieve pressure on parents' backs.
Your baby's weight is evenly distributed, reducing the strain on your shoulders and spine.
You can enjoy comfortable babywearing moments while taking care of your back.

Yes, all Bebiji products undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet the highest standards.

HIPBABY is also CE certified.

Yes, the HIPBABY Hip Carrier features adjustable straps and waistband to comfortably accommodate different body shapes, whether for moms, dads or grandparents.

Yes, the ergonomic design of the HIPBABY hip sling provides support and comfort for extended wear.

Although the HIPBABY Hip Carrier is primarily designed for baby carrying, it can also provide a convenient position for breastfeeding an infant on the move.

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