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Strong values

Our story


Meet our leaders.

Geoffroy Fisher un jeune homme entrepreneur



Franco-English and father of a 2-year-old boy, Customer Service and Sales Manager, multilingual and very involved in the community.

Alexis Lasserre un jeune homme entrepreneur



Investor, entrepreneur, expert in marketing, e-commerce, and international retail sales.

Une jeune femme souriant



Marketing manager, specialized in the media sector. Inspired by her 2-year-old son, very involved in the childcare sector.

Un jeune enfant souriant



Valentin, 2 years old and already a source of inspiration for his parents. Energetic, smiling and mischievous, he is an apprentice with the company. Photo model in his spare time.

Un homme portant son bébé avec un porte bébé devant les montagnes

Part 1.

Our vision

At BEBIJI, our mission is to select and offer products that truly meet the everyday needs of parents, with an emphasis on real utility and practicality.

We are committed to offering solutions designed to make your life as a parent easier, bringing you items that are not only innovative but also extremely functional. Each product is carefully selected to simplify your routines, enhance your comfort and that of your child, and meet the specific challenges of parenthood.

le logo de bebiji bleu

Part 2.

Our mission

Thanks to our experience, an accessible and simple online platform, and quality products that have been tested and certified, we meet crucial and inherent needs of parents that no one has really addressed until now: ease of carrying, freedom of movement, reduced back problems.

Part 3.

Our values

  • Human : We encourage a stronger bond between child and parent through our understanding of parents' emotional and practical needs.
  • Innovative : Products have been redesigned to meet parents' specific needs.
  • Available : A committed team available to respond to the requests and problems of expectant and new parents.
  • Authentique : Incarner l'expérience réelle de la parentalité en concevant des produits qui reflètent les besoins réels des parents.
  • Confiance : Fournir des porte-bébés de haute qualité et sûrs, conçus avec des matériaux durables pour assurer la confiance des parents dans la sécurité de leurs enfants.
  • Sustainable : Commitment to sustainable materials in the manufacture of products, promoting responsible consumption that lasts over time..
  • Accessible : Ensuring that Bebiji baby carriers are accessible to a wide range of parents, by offering quality products at reasonable prices.
deux jeunes parents portant leur bébé dans la rue avec un porte bébé bleu

Part 4.

Our story

Bebiji began with a very tangible reality - the birth of our son Valentin. Faced with his grandmother's first signs of fatigue, a woman resolutely determined despite her frailty, suggested a hip sling we'd spotted online.

At first, we were skeptical, thinking it was just another fashionable product with no real use. However, this baby carrier quickly changed the way we cared for our child. When we received the product, several aspects proved non-functional, unsafe and impractical.

Yet curious looks and compliments on the product's practicality and ergonomics were plentiful. The recurring question was: "Where can we get this?" It was then that the idea of sharing this innovative solution took shape. My wife and I decided to market our own version under the name Bebiji.

A period of redesign followed, with meticulous specifications and rigorous standards, in order to recreate the baby carrier in a much more qualitative way. After extensive testing and a year of intensive use, the product finally met our highest standards.

  • To give shape to this venture, I collaborated with a friend, an expert in e-commerce and marketing. Together, we turned our vision into reality by launching the Bebiji project. Bebiji emerged from our personal experience to become a brand dedicated to making life easier for parents by offering concrete, effective solutions.

Welcome to the authentic, pragmatic story of Bebiji, where every product is the result of a constant quest for quality and improvement to meet the real needs of today's parents.

Geoffroy.F - Founder

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