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Hipbaby Hip seat Carrier Complete User Guide - Bebiji

Complete Guide to Using the Hipbaby Hip Carrier from Bebiji

Welcome to the detailed guide for using your Bebiji Hipbaby hip carrier. Follow these steps for an optimal babywearing experience.


1. Position the Hip Carrier at Waist Level

The first crucial step is to position the Hipbaby hip carrier at your waist. Ensure that the belt is centered and comfortably resting on your hips. This ensures an evenly distributed weight of your baby.


2. Tighten the Belt to the Maximum

A well-tightened belt is the key to secure babywearing. Adjust the belt to the maximum while ensuring your comfort. This will stabilize the hip carrier and minimize pressure on your hips, offering a pleasant babywearing experience.


3. Securely Attach the Velcro Along the Length

The Hipbaby carrier is equipped with a velcro fastening system. Make sure to securely attach the velcro along its length for optimal support. This ensures stability and prevents any slipping during babywearing.


4. Secure with the Clip and Pull the Strap Tight

Use the safety clip to lock the hip carrier in place. Pull the strap tightly to ensure a secure fit. Always check for stability before placing your child in the carrier.


5. Adjust the Pouch by Sliding it Along the Belt

Adjust the pouch by sliding it along the belt to position it where desired. This convenient feature of the Hipbaby carrier allows you to customize your babywearing experience.


6. Place your Arm Around the Baby

For added security, place your arm around the baby without squeezing. Your arm should be relaxed. This provides protection in case of sudden backward movements. Over time and as the child gets used to it, it may not always be necessary to maintain this position.


7. Enjoy a Unique Moment with Your Child, Safely

Experience unique and safe moments with your child and create a special bond between you and your little one.


Summary of Steps:

Step Description
1 Position the hip carrier at waist level
2 Tighten the belt to the maximum
3 Securely attach the velcro along the length
4 Secure with the clip and pull the strap tight
5 Adjust the pouch by sliding it along the belt
6 Place your arm around the baby
7 Enjoy a unique moment with your child, safely



Enjoy every moment, whether it's during family walks, city explorations, or more adventurous outings. Give your child the gift of a secure and enriching experience with the Hipbaby Hip Carrier from Bebiji.


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