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Voyage à Copenhague en Famille

Family trip to Copenhagen

Exploring Copenhagen with Bebiji's HipBaby Baby Carrier: A Practical and Carefree Adventure


Welcome to the exciting tale of our Copenhagen getaway with our 22-month-old adventurer, proudly weighing 12 kg, and our faithful travel companion, the HipBaby baby carrier from Bebiji, our ultimate travel accessory. This experience has highlighted the exceptional practicality of this product, ideal for hassle-free travel with a baby.




Who Are We?

We are an intrepid couple, embarking on a grand adventure with our little one equipped with the HipBaby baby carrier from Bebiji. This hip carrier has proven to be more than just a simple accessory during our stay in Copenhagen.


Summary of a Boundless Adventure

The HipBaby baby carrier quickly became an essential for a multitude of situations. While it doesn't completely replace the stroller (which we wisely rented on-site), it becomes the hero when the stroller isn't practical, or when our little explorer prefers not to stay in it constantly.





A Context Highlighting the Utility of the HipBaby Baby Carrier

Staying on the 4th floor without an elevator, every movement with the collapsible stroller required extra effort.

Just a 6-minute walk from the nearest metro station, our route was filled with moments where the HipBaby baby carrier shone.





The Captivating Details of Our Journey

Whether for errands, a restaurant meal, or an impromptu stroll, the HipBaby baby carrier easily replaced the bulky stroller. In the metro, its usefulness was evident, especially when seats were in high demand. Moving a 12 kg toddler over 8 stops can be a herculean task, but with the HipBaby baby carrier, these trips were not only possible but also enjoyable, eliminating any fatigue or discomfort.

At the restaurant, the HipBaby baby carrier proved equally convenient, allowing us to move freely without disturbing other patrons. At the national museum, where the stroller was unwelcome, the HipBaby baby carrier excelled, easily navigating stairs and strolling through the aisles. Other parents were intrigued by its practicality, some even asking us where to find this gem.

Our boat trip along the canals, where strollers were prohibited, was another victory for the HipBaby baby carrier. Easy to carry and compact, it neatly stored away on the boat.





The Unparalleled Versatility of the HipBaby Baby Carrier

Our day at the zoo was a harmonious blend of stroller, HipBaby baby carrier, and moments when our child roamed freely. The proximity provided by the baby carrier was reassuring when our little explorer watched the animals, snuggled up against us.

The airport, with its multiple bags and suitcases, was not a challenge thanks to our baby carrier. Our baby was safe, within reach, allowing us to maneuver with a backpack and a suitcase. Even boarding the plane was made easier, all thanks to the HipBaby baby carrier.


In Conclusion: Redefining Adventure with Bebiji's HipBaby

The HipBaby baby carrier from Bebiji was the ideal companion for our journey. Its practicality, reliability, and the sense of security it provides both us and our child were extremely satisfying. Its practicality, proximity, and the interest it sparked among onlookers added a special touch to our travels.


What We Liked

  • Easy to attach and carry the baby
  • Convenient pouch for phone and tissue pack
  • Secure arm carry while leaving hands free
  • Feeling of security and closeness with our little one
  • Cup holder pocket, always within reach
  • The discreet and pretty blue color


Minor Drawbacks

We became celebrities, often stopped by curious people asking where to find this product. A minor inconvenience compared to the undeniable practicality of HipBaby.

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